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            The Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music!
        Our purpose is simple and summed up by our mission statement:
                                       To reignite a passion for Christ,
                           In an entire generation of alumni,
                                Changing the world for God...
            And keeping alive the vision that John Miles started!

    Current News...

      February 10th, 2019
               It is time for change...
                   What we might call an end to an era...
         Below is a copy of a letter I sent out to all our members.


   This month marks 20 years since I started the GRSBM Alumni project.

      It began as a one man mission to keep the memory of the school alive!

     I did it because I loved the school, I loved the teachers and I loved their mission.

       I thought then, that the school should have survived and…

I still believe it! - Even though the years have passed (In fact, I believe it more!)

  The world is lost and we need a school like Grsbm. 

       Filled with unique teachers who cared about the students! (Unique - Micky Malaniak!)

  When I began, this site was a hub of activity!

The chat rooms were filled with people - The message boards were used often!

       I sold many copies of our old albums to the delight of many!

   Friends reconnected and I was thrilled!

      Enthusiasm was so high that we had our first reunion in 2002 and 900 of you attended!

   But as is always the case - Times change!

     Facebook came along and it became the primary way for old friends to connect.

      There are are several wonderful Facebook pages to share memories and thoughts.

  And as Facebook grew - And as our alumni aged - the site received fewer visitors.

  So this big site is about to be retired. will stay - It will continue to tell the school history.

It will be there to inform you of coming reunions and news.

  But the chat rooms, message boards and…

      My ability to send out these group emails will be gone. - A thing of the past.

   Why keep a web presence at all?


          It will stay because it was and is a passion project for me.

        I am still sad Grsbm closed and my children could not attend there.

And it will stay because I will always pray for another Grsbm.


 So I write this letter to say thanks!

Thanks to those who wrote me and encouraged me.

                I kept all the letters and still read them from time to time!

Thanks to those who gave money to pay for the web site costs.

   Thanks to all who attended our reunions and sang those precious songs with me!

   And remember, though the site is changing, the Grsbm committee is still working.

Right now we are planning a reunion for:  Fall 2020 - Dates to arrive soon!

  I close with this reminder - One day, and soon I hope…

      The trumpet will sound - and we will all be together again.

   Until then, keep serving the King - And while doing so, keep the spirit of Grsbm alive!

    This site will stay active until February 22 - Then the new slimed down site will be live.

   Any questions, drop me a line…

   Thanks so much!

     Lance Rubringer - Class of “76”

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The second one is the reunion choir singing - "I bowed on my knees & cried holy"

Reunion Choir - I bowed on my knees and cried holy

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