GRSBM Alumni Project
About Us
    This "Project" started in 1999 as a one man operation with a simple focus...
        The hope of keeping the spirit and memories of GRSBM alive.
       A few newsletters were sent out, the web site was established!

          In 2001, other alumni expressed an interest in getting involved and in having a major reunion.
    We then formed the Grsbm Gathering committee!
         We held our first major reunion in 2002 at which Dr. Miles was the main speaker.
                    Over 900 alumni attended that event!  

          Everyone had such a wonderful time getting together that we decided to have them every 2 years...
         The "Alumni Project" is now made up of an entire committee of dedicated alumni,
                 All of whom, hope to play a major role in encouraging our alumni!
     So we write newsletters - sponsor reunions, and host this site....
         And we plan on doing it until....
            The King of Kings returns!

    Your committee is:

1.  Mike & Dawn Green
2. Ron & Sharon Workman
3. Rob Hall
4. Lance Rubringer
5. Dave & Sylvia Huseby

6. Ellie LaVean
7. Darwyn & Karen Hassert
8. Kathy Johnson

       We all look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at the next reunion!

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