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In 1945 / 1946, Malcolm Cronk, John Miles and others felt the need,
    For a Bible Institute located in the Midwest.
That vision led them to start:
    The Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music.
Mr. Cronk served as President for 2 years and then that job was filled by Dr. Miles.
He would hold that position for more than 35 years.
The school started out in the classrooms of Calvary Church.
In 1949, GRSBM had it's first graduation and that year:
    17 young people received their diplomas.
The school continued to grow and in 1951,
    They purchased their first campus.
It was located at 120 Leonard street.
The 50's were a time of great growth for the school,
    With each year bringing more students.

By 1959, they had outgrown the Leonard campus,
    And they were looking for another location.
That same year, the Trinity Lutheran Church at 110 Crescent became available.
This was a great building and gave the school,
    A chapel, a solarium and a educational wing.

By this point in the schools history, 236 students had graduated from the school.

And by 1966, GRSBM had students from 19 states and 6 countries and yet?
"All marched to the same drumbeat & toward the same goal.
   That of knowing God, of learning & following His word"!
Because of God's blessing, the school once again began to out grow their facilities..
    So plans were made to build an addition onto the school.
This would be the only building that GRSBM would ever build during its history.
    The building was 4 stories tall and gave the school,
       Classroom space, a library and a new dining hall...


Another addition to the school took shape in 1970.
A student by the name of Clair Mc Combs,
    A retired Lieutenant Colonel enrolled in the school.
He had been in the military for 20 years!
     He had a dream of adding an aviation program to the school.
His dream and prayers came true and an aviation division was added to the school. 
    12 students were enrolled the first year and throughout it's history...
        The GRSBM aviation program sent many to the mission field!
1971 brought about an event, that came to be known as "The Miracle".
For years, the old campus of Calvin college on Franklin street stood empty.
Mr. Miles and others would drive past that school,
    And dream about it for the GRSBM campus.
As we learned throughout the schools history...
God does work miracles and the campus at 1331 Franklin:
    Became the new home of:
The Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music.
This magnificent campus would serve the students for many years.
In fact enrollment swelled so much in the 70's,
    That in addition to the Franklin campus;
  37 homes in the area were purchased to complete student housing needs.
The 70's were the high point of student numbers...
    Over 600 students attended each year.
The 70's and 80's continued to be,
 a wonderful mix of music / sports and student life.

    Memories / Friendships were formed during those years,
      That are very much alive today!
(Note: My sister is in the picture below)
  (That is why I had to include it) 

The late 80's brought changes to the school.
Satan was doing a great job, at convincing the generation...
That what they needed was a degree:
    So they could earn lots of money...
Interest in full time Christian service began to drop!
The world's efforts worked and by the 1990 / 1991 school year;
    Enrollment estimates were less than 125.
  These factors forced the school to make some major decisions.
The Franklin campus was too large to maintain and survive with so few students.
    So, the campus was put up for sale.
It was purchased by the Grand Rapids Public school system.
(Webmaster note: I think that was a horrible idea...)
  (and put the final nail in the school coffin)
     (But it is only my opinion!)
GRSBM then moved to it's final location.
    They leased the Comstock Park High school.

The move to a new campus was not enough to keep the school viable so in 1992...
     GRSBM closed it's doors and merged with Baptist College.
The combined schools would later change their name to Cornerstone University.
The facts will show,
    That more than 2,543 students graduated from GRSBM.
     In addition, thousands more attended the school in one way or another.
These are just cold facts though...
The real value of the school is how it touched and changed lives!
    And those lives have, and continue to make a difference for the cause of Christ!

The whole impact of which will not be known...
     Until we stand in the presence of the king!

This has been a brief look at the long and glorious history of the school.
If you wish to read the complete history, Dr. Babcock, has written a 200 plus page book.
It is loaded with pictures and memories.
Let us know if you would like a copy of this book and we will send you an order form.
Also, if you need transcripts from the school,
    Or wish further information about a 4 year degree:


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