GRSBM Alumni Project
My name is Lance Rubringer.
     This is what I looked like in 1976 when I graduated.
    (Wow, do I miss all that hair!).

I was not the perfect student, I had a lot of growing up to do.

But I still learned a lot and had a great time.

I graduated in 1976 and within a few years:

I got married, became a police officer and had 2 great kids. Two girls, now 30 & 32!

        (They are both married and yes, now I am a "Grandfather")
            (It pains me to write that! - But, I am up to 3 grandkids and they are amazing! But the word makes me sound "old")

As the years passed, I slowly became a solid, "Sunday Morning Only" Christian...
By 1986, living sold out for Christ was something I seldom thought about.
But God had a wake up call for me!
My life & marriage began to unravel and I did not know what to do.
God, in His mercy, led me to another GRSBM alumni - Elwood Chipchase.

He took me into his life and taught me what it meant to be a disciple!
For the first time, I made a real commitment to Christ.
God restored my marriage, allowed me to go back to school ,
    And led me into full time ministry during the summer of 1991.
I served for a few years as an assistant Pastor in Northern California (Beautiful Place).

And then in the fall of 1993,
    God led me to my current church, Salem Bible; near Detroit.

I was shocked when GRSBM went out of business...
     And I was determined to do something for the alumni.

This web site, the alumni newsletters,
    And alumni gatherings are a part of that effort.

You may send me an email with questions or comments.

Just click on the email link on the top of the page.

Daughter Brooke and I today... (well - today meaning about 10 years ago)
         For some reason - the goatee now has lots of grey and...
             That tee shirt fits a bit tighter! 
     Picked this photo because the photographer,
        Cut off my head and complete lack of God given hair!
(I think it is safe to say Theologically,
    That hair loss is a result of the fall!)

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