GRSBM Alumni Project
Goals as listed from the beginning... 
1. Quarterly Newsletters
- We will highlight alumni activities
- We will even have a feature section called
        "Where are they now?", where we try to find missing alumni.
(This is a goal we have reached with great success)
      2. Update mailing List.

The list we have is several years old.

We want to reach all the alumni and will need your help!
We will list on the web site, those alumni for which we do not have a valid address.
(This has turned into a full time job... 
     (Ellie LaVean is the key person,
               responsible for keeping it current...  )
       (Much thanks to her!)
      3. Hire a part time, GRSBM alumni secretary.  
            (Here was a goal from 1999 that never worked out)
               (Not as realistic as I first thought)
                  (But I tend to dream big)
      4. Alumni Annual conference weekends.
The purpose of these weekends?
- Spiritual renewal of alumni
- Reuniting friends
- Encourage competition among the classes. Competition?
  Yes, singing, volleyball and basketball.
      To thereby prove that 30+ year olds   can still do these activities.
(We have had 3.....   Each one was a success)
     (We are so open to new ideas though...)
         (We need help is reaching the 70's - 90's alumni)

      5. Establish a children of alumni scholarship fund,
                               For those attending a bible institute.      
             (We are still working on this one!)
 6. Break ground on the new GRSBM!

What?? I believe the mid west needs a place,

Where the word of God is taught and students learn practically,
       How to survive and prosper in ministry; in this century.
People have asked about some specifics here.
       We would begin with a full one year program divided into three areas.

1. Bible

2. Discipleship (When finished they would be discipled and know how to disciple)

3. Practical Christianity - How to survive and prosper in ministry.

(This is an area we did not get enough of at Grsbm. I had to learn the hard way!)

Throughout the year, music will be play a vital role as they learn to worship God. 
     The year would end with each student involved in a summer ministry,
       With the final week back on campus where we would share our summer blessings.
            The school would expand to 3 years as God blessed and opened the door.
   (Wow we came close on this one...)
       (I was a part of starting the school called Foundations...)
         (It was a school set up just as I described in 1999)
    (But we ran into some problems.... )
        (Sadly, it is no longer in business, but we learned a great deal...)
          (Experience we will be able to use whenever the new GRIZ opens!)
             (Keeping checking the New GRSBM tab for complete details of this dream!)

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