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     Over the next few months, I am going to make my case here for a new GRSBM.

        I am going list some quotes from Bob Parks & Dr. Babcock,
            And then I am going to describe exactly what this new school would look like...  

      I will list my thoughts in hopes that you might respond / pray for / get behind.
             an idea that should have been put into action years ago...

    Oh, and by the way....  All the thoughts on this page belong to the webmaster.
         There is no group endorsing the ramblings you find here,
              They just come from me and from the very clear vision I have that...

       This nation, and this generation is in serious trouble and they could use a place like Griz!

    A place to clear their heads and get refocused on what the phrase:
        "You are not your own, you were bought with a price" - means today!
   Our first quote comes from Bob Parks,
      He was reading comments that were made about the GRSBM education on the message boards.

      He responded and wrote:

  It's interesting to hear these perspectives on GRSBM and Bible education.
As both a former student and faculty member of GRSBM, I've thought much about my experience there from a now 30-year distance. While each of us who attended GRSBM have our own memories and evaluations, there are some things on which I think we would have to agree.

GRSBM was a warm and welcoming place for both kids right out of high school and older adults who were eager for Bible training.  It had a vibrant spirit, due in large part to President John Miles, and represented a sincere effort to train men and women for Christian service.

     It was accessible and affordable for those of us who didn't have the financial resources for other learning institutions.
We were encouraged during our time there to be servants of Christ and to do whatever we did with a ministering spirit.
Most of us came away from GRSBM having made meaningful Christian friendships, some existing strongly over the years, and many of us with life partners that we met during our time there.

Some of us alumni count GRSBM as our major educational experience after high school and others see it only as the first step in a much longer journey.  Many have gone on to effective Christian service in local churches, on the mission field and with Christian organizations following their years at GRSBM.

     A number of us found the pursuit of higher education, including degrees, to be needful. Others have not.
Yes, there were some in years past who disparaged education beyond the Bible Institute level, but that was their issue.
The fact is, GRSBM was successful in launching a lot of people into life with an orientation to Christian service.
                            And that's its legacy.

As one who looks to my GRSBM heritage as a beginning for a lifetime of ministry,
        I have to say I don't for a minute regret having made that choice.

    And now, some thoughts from Dr. B.

    Dr. Babcock, in his book detailing the history of GRSBM, closes with a chapter called:
    The case for the bible institute…
       Listed below are some excerpts…

“The era of the bible institute seems to be vanishing from the religious landscape. The change has been developing over a period of several decades, a change in the American mentality.
   Somehow we have allowed ourselves as Christians to become brainwashed into thinking that academic conformity is our ticket to spiritual success, all the while ignoring the obvious failure of the great Educational American Dream.

     The truth of the case is probably right down the middle of the road, appropriate college training that meets the standards of society in the work force, but with the inclusion of foundational biblical training that will under gird the Christian individual for any marketplace!
    Unless one attends a fundamental, biblical seminary, where he can obtain the sold biblical training that will sustain him in the raging battle of today’s frenzied religious atmosphere?
    Without passing judgment on any institution that offers one bible course per semester as a requirement, what, after all, can but one course do to combat the theater-and – circus mentality of today’s religionists?

     What I am saying is that there is still a place for a solid biblical approach in the form an institute, whether in a heretofore deprived country….  Or in the midst of a concrete jungle where crime and riot are the menu of the day!

    In conclusion, could it be that since the Church at large has erred, has failed its mission to some extent, has blown it, that the Lord in fulfilling His own word has turned from the organized worldly-conformed church with its stage and program, back to the laymen in the marketplace?
        I urge and persuade, therefore, that the era of the Bible institute is passé, is not replaced and that in the providence of God, many, like GRSBM have run their race, having impacted little worlds all over our great globe!"

Wow – He writes like he taught….  I have to read it several times to grasp it but…

   I think he is right on – The time for the bible institute still exists…


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